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How do I sign up on Rent Out?

Do I need to sign up to post Ads?

  • No, you need not to sign up for posting ads on the site. Just click on the post ads option to complete your process in minutes. Choose the ad section whether basic or advanced, select the ad category and mention your details below with pictures to post your ad successfully in few steps.

What are the benefits of signing up in Rent Out?

Signing up allows you to:

  • Post unlimited number of ads.
  • Get your own user id.
  • Edit, delete, repost and check replies to your ads.
  • Helps you to participate in community discussions.

How should I Login on Rent Out?

Login allows you to access your account and post ads on the site

  • Step1: Click on the login option in top corner of the website.
  • Step 2: Enter your registered email and password or use Gmail or Facebook id to sign in to your account.

How can I create password for the first time?

  • You can enter alphabets, numbers, and alpha numeric characters as keyword. Password length should be 6-16 characters. Please change your password often to ensure security to your account. You can change your password in MY PROFILE > change password.

I forget my password. How can I get my password?

  • Step 1: If you are registered user you can login easily by clicking on forget password option in the login section. It will direct you to a new page where you can reset the password in few steps. For registered user who havent login for 90 days should claim and reset their password before accessing their account.
  • Step 2: In the forget password section enter your email id to reset the password. If you provide a registered email id it will show a successful message for resetting password. Temporary password will be sent to your mail id and mobile number. Use the password to sign in and change your password easily by clicking on change password option in MY PROFILE.

Posting Ads

How can I post Ad on Rent Out?

Posting an Ad at Rent Out is simple and faster it will take lesser than 30 seconds to post. Follow the steps to post your ad successfully.

  • Step 1: Click on post Ad button on the top corner of every Rent out page. It will show two sections basic and advanced ad.
  • Step 2: By selecting basic ad section, you can provide lesser details for your product.
  • Step 3: If you wish to give more information for your product then select advanced ad.
  • Step 4: After selecting the ad type choose the category on which your product comes. If you wish to sell/rent a car, then select the vehicles category and choose car.
  • Step 5: Specify whether you are renting/ selling your car.
  • Step 6: Product Information
  • Provide some mandatory details about your product for example: model, date of purchase, mileage, fuel type and also upload image of your product. You also need to give suitable title for your product.

  • Step 7: Owner information
  • Provide your name, mobile number, email id, address to get notified for your ads.

  • Step 8: To help your ad reachable to the buyers you can choose premium or unique.

Click on the ad type from the available options and click on the submit button to post your ad in our site.

What shall I do if my location is not in list?

  • If your location is not available in Rent Out, you can choose the nearest location in the list. Mentioning exact location will help people who are interested in your product

Does mobile number is mandatory for posting an Ad?

  • Yes, mobile number is not mandatory. But providing a valid mobile number help in receiving notifications to your ad through SMS. Moreover buyers can able to contact with you easily through calls and messages.

What is an SMS notification?

  • SMS Notifications will help the Seller/ Poster of an Ad to check their ad status, replies by buyers. Notifications will be sent to the Mobile number which you have provided at the time of Posting an Ad or Registration. It is possible to de-activate the mobile alerts if you are not interested in MY profile > ad alerts section.

Is Rent Out a free service?

  • Yes, of course Rent Out is free for posting ads. Although you can pick the premium options if you wish to advertise your products in top priority.

How can I get good responses for my ad?

To boost up the responses for your ad, follow some simple tips

  • Provide a good title that will attract users to check your ad and also mention the keywords related to your product.
  • Provide a clear description about the product that should be simple, detailed and impressive.
  • Mention the easy pick up location so that buyers can find your place easily without struggling anywhere
  • Give your contact details, so users can contact whoever sees the ad
  • Upload clear images of your product with good picture clarity

  • Maintain your ad with all these simple tips to get good responses. You can also boost your responses by purchasing premium or unique ad that will let you maximum replies for your ad.

What is the expiry time of an ad in Rent out?

  • Your Ads will be live on the site for 28 days after that it will expire automatically. User can repost the ad once it has been expired. They will receive remainders before 1 week of the ad expiry. If you purchase premium package then your ad will stay for 30 days and for unique package 60 days is the validity time of the posted ad.

How can I repost, edit and delete my posted ad?

  • Your posted will be live based on the package you have chosen if it is free then 28 days is the expiry time. For premium 30 days and unique 60 days is the expiry period. User will get notifications during the expiry time to repost and they can also edit, delete or repost the ad by visiting the ad section in MY PROFILE.

Can I post number of ads? Is there any limit for ad posting?

  • Rent Out doest have any limit in posting ads. You can post n number of ads every day. Any duplicate ads or the same ad posted more than once will be deleted.

Why I can't able to post ads on Rent Out?

  • Those who violet the Terms and Policies of Rent Out will not be allowed to post any ad on Rent out. But if you have some other cases then contact our support team by posting your problems in contact us page of Rent Out. We will revert as soon as possible and rectify your problems sooner.

How would I notify if someone interested and has replied to my ad?

  • People who got through ad can reply by selecting a reply button on the view ad page where they can provide their name, details. You will receive the details of interested person in email; you can respond to them by messaging and also provide additional information. If you have provided contact number while posting ad they can reach you directly through calls.

Search & Browse

How can I find specific ad on item or service?

  • Step 1: if you wish to find ad for an item or service then type the item/ service name on the search bar easily. Or else if you are searching a posted ad type the title of the ad to get it easily.
  • Step 2: You can select the category by choosing the icons listed on the home page
  • Step 3:search bar is not a case sensitive you either type as cat or CAT.

How can I reply to the ad which I like on Rent out?

  • You can send a message to the owner who posted the ad by clicking the send message button. It will display message box to fill your name, mobile number and click the send button once you entered your details. Your details will be sent to the person who posted the ad and you can also contact the owner directly if there is a contact number available on the ad details.

How the recommendations of post ad are generated?

  • If you visit the rent out home, it will list some popular ads in your location which you have selected. If you access often, it will display ads based on your preference and previous search histories.

My Profile


In my profile sections you

  • Can update your personal details
  • Check your posted ads
  • Edit, delete, re-post expired ad
  • Can view your favorite ads
  • Can set ad alerts to particular category

How can I go to MY PROFILE?

  • Once you have logged in to the Rent Out site, it will display a MY PROFILE tab on the top corner every page. Click on it to manage your account and ads.

How can I edit, delete or repost the ads that are posted in rent out?

  • Go to MY PROFILE > My ads it will show you the posted ad, here you can view, edit, delete and re-post by clicking on the icons that are listed in the option section.

Can I upgrade my ad to premium or unique package?

  • Yes, of course. To get your ad in top recommendations you can select your package by clicking my ad section. Here you will find eye icon where you can select the package based on your preference.

How can I repost the ad that is expired?

  • By visiting my ad section in the profile page you will find the ads that are posted by you. Choose the expired ad which you want to re-post it and click on the re-post icon to publish the ad again in the Rent out page.

How can I edit/delete/re-post the premium ads?

  • Visit my ad section in the profile page, where you will find the list of ads categorized based on package. Choose the ad which you want to edit/delete/re-post and click on the respective icon to do so.

How can I check my payment details?

  • If yours a paid ad, then visit my ad section and click on the respective ad you will get all the details regarding the ad type, payment, number of valid days, edit, delete and re-post options. Choose the preferred option to continue your process.

How can I purchase the item I like on Rent Out?

  • If you wish to buy particular item at Rent out, send message to the owner or contact through the provided mobile number. Once the negotiations are over you can collect the item directly from them by meeting in a public place and complete your payment either by cash or transferring to the seller account based on their preference.

How can I delete the ad, once the transaction has been completed?

  • If you are lending your for rental you continue posting ad. But if you are selling an item get confirmation with buyer once all the process has been completed then go to my ad section and click on delete icon to delete it permanently.


How can I suggest a new category or feature that is not in rent out?

  • You can easily suggest your feedbacks by contacting by support team. Click the contact button and enter your details, ideas and send us email. We will get back with you soon through our customer service team.

Why Rent Out is not available to the city I live in?

  • If you wish rent out in your city, then send your feedbacks by filling out your name, details, address through email. We will be motivated much with your opinions and take actions soon in fulfilling your expectations.


Why Rent Out is not available to the city I live in?

  • You can contact us anytime by sending your name, address, feedback to our support team through mail.

  • We work on 24/7 to help you in all terms for making your service easier and simple. If you have queries check out our list of FQAs in the help sections.

  • You can reach us easily by clicking the contact button on the left top corner of every Rent Out page. We will head back you soon.