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About Us

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Rentoutonline is a platform which helps people to connect to the Rental market & Sales market. Company provides a platform where everyone can post their rental ads. We act as a liaison by displaying information provided by the customer.

We connect people around the world who want to post about their Goods & Services. At RentOut we believe in making life easier by creating space for customers who can post their ads. This helps them have an opportunity to showcase their products & services available for Rent.

We started our journey of dreams in classifieds market. We can ensure to strive hard in this journey to reach the milestone of providing the best platform for our users with great motive of service.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a ideal platform for all people to let know their business and product/services they offer. At the same time users who want to reduce the burden on their wallet by obtaining what they need on rent & buying, can use this portal as a one stop for their entire rent/sell needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to aim of providing a platform to those who want to rent or sell products or services. We are striving towards capturing the unexplored online classified markets in India and across the globe. Our goal is to make the only platform when they want to rent/sell anything with convenience.

Our Values

Our Values

In every aspects of its business, committed to upholding its core values - the set of unique beliefs that make us worldview. We are very Ambitious, Empathetic and Focused to enhance the exciting opportunities to achieve our goals. We are strictly committed to the way we do business and assures our customers.

Endless Possibilities & Opportunities.

Platform in the stream of online classifieds for anyone, anywhere at any time to sell, rent and hire goods and services with nominal time and hassle free.

History In Words

  • Idea


    June 16 2016

    The origin of Rentout’s phenomenal concept was birthed by Shyam Reddy when his close friend faced a crisis of renting a vehicle. On realizing the hardships faced by his friend, he wanted to make renting across India, essentially for the middle class people to experience a user friendly online interface for renting products and services. In addition to renting he also brought the idea of selling under the same roof.

  • Discussion with Team

    Discussion with Team

    July 21 2016

    Its usually many discussions will happen if we are creating/launching a product, while we are in discussion mode we thought to make our application more user friendly.

  • Complete Plan

    Complete Plan for Implementation

    August 5 2016

      Rentout’s Plan for Implementation involves:
    • • Ideating and identifying the product markets.
    • • Followed by setting primary , secondary and tertiary goals.
    • • Creating a wire frame for the technical functioning of Rentout.
    • • Forming a structured prototype timeline followed by its testing.
    • • Framing beta testing timeline.
  • about

    Kick Start Web Development

    October 31 2016

    The website was designed to be the most user friendly online classifieds portal. With Rentout, you can Seal your Deal in just 20 seconds. There is variety of advanced options to make your ad posting reach more people. To make your online shopping experience better, we have also added the Location facility, wherein you can keep track of your product from your current location.

    Rentout’s shopping experience is so finely designed to suit every visitors’ need, that you wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

  • Web Application

    Web Application Launch with Ministry of AP & TS

    In TS 7 FEB 2017 and In AP 9 FEB 2017

    We approached our Honorable Minister's of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for our web application launch, they responded quickly and launched our application.

  • Android and IOS Mobile Apps

    Android and IOS Mobile Apps Coming Soon

    June 20 2017

    We are in process of developing Android and IOS mobile apps to make things easy.

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